Test broadcast marks second anniversary of Dutch funeral website (

Attending a funeral via the internet?

31 oktober 1998

Amsterdam, 29 October 1998

Unfortunately it happens frequently that close relatives and friends of a deceased person cannot attend the funeral, because they are absent abroad, or physically indisposed. The initiators of a professional experiment in this field believe that the Internet can help bridge the gap.

On Friday, 13 November 1998 CVN crematorium 'Daelwijck' in Utrecht will be the scene of a world first: the direct transmission of a (staged) cremation service on the Internet. In the broadcast, which will last approximately 15 minutes, a camera crew will follow a simulated farewell ceremony in the hall of the crematorium from the entry of the coffin to the descent into the cremation area.

This experiment is an initiative of the directors of the website '' (funeral Netherlands) and of CVN Crematoria Nederland BV. The partners wish to demonstrate in this way that the Internet can provide a solution for next-of-kin, etc. who are unable to attend a funeral service. CVN is guided in this by its aim of 'service with respect', measured by the highest standards of ethics and privacy. The private nature of a funeral can be retained on the Internet: the family decide who shall receive the code which gives access to the transmission. The experimental broadcast on 13 November will itself not be public, only the press and business associates will be given the 'Internet key' on request.

This 'funeral on the Internet' will form part of a programme of events with which '' will be celebrating its second anniversary in 'Daelwijck' on 13 November. Mr Reesink, lecturer in Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, will talk on 'Funerals, Internet, Emotions'. 'The Virtual Lawyer' is the title of the lecture of Mr Van der Putten, the man behind the legal advice section on ''.

'' is the Internet platform where the funeral direction industry, mourners and interest groups, insurers and the general public can meet. Those sponsoring and running the site include CVN Crematoria Nederland BV (which owns eleven crematoria), AVVL Uitvaartzorg NV, the Netherlands Union of Funeral Directors and the Foundation for Professional Examinations in Funeral Direction.


Note for editors
If you wish to attend the meeting in 'Daelwijck', or would like admission to the 'virtual funeral' on 13 November, or have any further queries,
please contact:

'Uitvaart.Com' - Peter van Schaik
Tel: +31 (0)20 4630701

Because of technical preparations for the experiment 6 November will be the
last date on which access codes will be issued.

Location information
CVN Crematorium 'Daelwijck'
Floridadreef 7
3565 AM Utrecht
Tel: +31 (0)30 2610244

- doors of 'Daelwijck' open 4.00 pm
- opening of meeting 4.50 pm
- beginning of virtual funeral 5.35 pm

Specifications for experimental transmission

Technical management
- TV 3000 (Amsterdam)

- video and audio

Image size for receivers
- approx. 10 cm x 7.5 cm

- depends on receiver configuration,

Minimal requirement:
- browser: Netscape 3.0 or higher or Explorer 3.0 or higher
- video program: Realplayer
- modem..... 28K 8 or higher

Ideal configuration:
- browser..... Netscape 4.0 or higher or Explorer 4.0 or higher
- video program..... Realplayer 5.0 or G2 or MS Mediaplayer
- modem..56K ISDN or cable modem

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