Die Dutch

Een satirische kijk op de Nederlandse uitvaartcultuur

LucyEileen uit Mexico studeerde af aan de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten te Utrecht met een catalogus waarin ze de Nederlandse uitvaartcultuur op de hak neemt. Zelf zegt ze hier het volgende over:

"People say that Mexicans have a special relationship with death and I agree. We know that we can’t do anything about it, but what we use our creativity and imagination to mock death with humour and irony. For Mexicans death has a lot of colour and also a happy face. I think funerals in Holland are too sober and formal. In my opinion, it should be a happy celebration where families and friends can gather to say farewell to their relatives and accept death as a new beginning of life, not as an end. Dutch people find death very private and also personal. Most of them avoid the subject or simply feel uncomfortable talking about it. The Dutch have made their deceased really “dead” and unreachable. Dutch funerals have sober rituals, traditions and beliefs. This has created a great distance between the deceased and the living. Therefore, my suggestion is to consider other ways of dealing with the dead based on Native Mexican rituals."

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